Welcome to Noroutine HQ!

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Who we are

We are a small team of highly skilled DevOps engineers ready to help you solve your challenges in modern cloudy world by offering our consultancy services

What we do

We provide IT-consultancy, focused on DevOps, both on-site and remote

Our expertise spans programming, devops, networking, infrastructure deployments and most of modern cloud platforms and technologies.

If you’re from one of those IT-companies from 2000s who realized that DevOps is a better way to go forward, but not sure how to make that leap - we are ready to bring your legacy and processes to the modern age, open your teams to devops practices and curate cultural shifts across all departments in your company.

If you plan to kick-off new IT-product, project or even complete department - we will help you build highly-available agile infrastructures, teams and tooling, that will make you, your teams and your customers satisfied about your new venture,

If you face growth and want to increase your uptime and keep risky changes under control and deliver on time - we’ll pave you a way to achieve both HA and continuous delivery

Where are we?

We are in the cloud, but our hearts are in Munich, Germany

How to reach us

Send something at oleksiy at noroutine dot me to get in touch, and we’ll come back to you