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Hi there,

My name is Alex, I live in Munich and mostly try to have fun, or I just imagine it... Overall my life goal is to conquer this planet and live the rest of my life in eternal joy and happiness.

I am both programmer and devops guy, mostly write in Go, Java, Groovy, JavaScript, but I can crack anything (I was doing Prolog guys - serious stuff).

I've made some nice tools, like dust4j and Tobacco - pretty useful stuff I think...

ffhash might be of interest as well - a fast consistent hashing algorithm for DHT on a small cluster

When I feel so, I also eventually write to Please blog. Just to not let you say that I didn't tell this - sometimes it's in Russian, sometimes in Ukrainian, sometimes in English, sometimes in Java, whichever language I felt was better - be careful.

In case you didn't find anything above worth your attention, I have a safety belt - my noroutine techno radio stream, where sometimes you can catch me making stupid comments on awesome techno/house tracks i mix.

Anyway, you are somehow landed here and probably want to jump out somewhere else, so I just left my LinkedIn Profile as a portal for you. Shoot your best offer!

If you dare, you can also send me something at alex at noroutine dot me.